A main mission of the MTG is to transfer its research results to society, both through technology transfer initiatives and through outreach activities. We transfer our know-how and research results by licensing technologies and providing technological services with them, through specific industrial collaborations, or by creating spin-offs. Companies interested in the work of the MTG should contact us to know more about how to collaborate.

We create solutions customized to the needs of companies, building upon our technologies and using the expertise of our researchers and developers. Special areas of technology transfer include automatic sound/music description, tools to support music education, and musical interfaces for music creation.

The MTG is a research group with more than 25 years of expertise, a solid knowledge base, and a team experienced in carrying out industrial projects. The group has been recognized as a TECNIO center, a quality accreditation granted by the Catalan government that identifies the best R&D groups that offer innovative technologies to companies.   

Updates about our technologies and tech transfer activities are posted regularly on the MTG LinkedIn page. For more information, contact us at [email protected]