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BMAT is an audio technology company that analyses all the music worldwide to provide search, interaction and monitoring. BMAT counts on a young, dynamic and multicultural team with music and technology as common passions. Its music monitoring service positions this globally operating company as the one who serves the largest number of Performing Rights Organizations in the world, consolidating its leadership position in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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Reactable Systems’ mission is to redefine conventional Human-Computer Interaction by developing cutting-edge interactive products and solutions with a focus on entertainment, education, the promotion of creativity and the mediation of culture and knowledge, and with a special emphasis on musical creation. The company’s first goal is the commercial launch of the Reactable worldwide.


Voctro Labs aims at becoming a world reference in voice processing technologies for the entertainment industry. After a 10-year relationship of the promoter team with Yamaha Corp. (Japan) for the research and development of the Vocaloid (c) singing voice synthesizer, Voctro Labs started commercializing the first Spanish virtual singers in December 2011. The company also offers high quality voice processing techniques already used in the entertainment industry all over the world including music, film and video game productions.


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MusicMuni Labs is a music technology company whose mission is to catalyse and scale the music education and infotainment domains in ways accessible by and affordable to masses. The team intends to achieve this by synergising the pedagogical knowledge with artificial intelligence, with a particular emphasis on learner engagement and automated evaluation. Their first product offering is Riyaz, which is an AI powered pocket music guru. It currently offers music exercises in different music styles including Carnatic, Hindustani (Indian art music traditions) and Western classical music.