Coordinators: Rodrigo Carril

Academic year: 2020-2021

Day: Wednesday

Time: 13.00-14:00



1st TERM
September 30

Nikolas Schoell
(UPF-Barcelona GSE)

"Robotization and Regional Voting Patterns in Germany"

Password: 112233
October, 7

Miriam Artiles
(UPF-Barcelona GSE)

"Within-Group Heterogeneity in a Multi-Ethnic Society"
Password: 112233
October, 14 Milena Djourelova
(UPF-Barcelona GSE)
"Media Persuasion through Slanted Language: Evidence from the Coverage of Immigration"
October, 21 Sebastian Ellingsen (UPF-Barcelona GSE) "Free and Protected: Trade Costs and Economic Development"
Password: 112233
November, 4 Luigi Pascali
(UPF-Barcelona GSE)
"Wars, Taxation and Representation: Evidence from Five Centuries of German History"
Password: 112233
November, 18

Elisa Mougin
(UPF-Barcelona GSE)

"TV in times of political uncertainty: Evidence from the 2017 Presidential in Kenya"
Password: 112233
November. 25 Andras Jagadits
(UPF-Barcelona GSE)
"Emigration and local structural change - Evidence from (Austria)-Hungary in the Age of Mass Migration"
Password: 112233
December, 2 Kim Fe Cramer (Columbia) "Access to Banks and Household Resilience"
Password: 112233
December, 9 Dante Donati
(UPF-Barcelona GSE)

"Offline market access through online information: the impact of TripAdvisor on firm growth"
Password: 112233


2nd TERM
February, 10

Joan Monràs
(UPF-Barcelona GSE)

"Local Public Goods and the Distribution of Economic Activity". Arthur Guillouzouic, Emeric Henry, and Joan Monras

February, 17

Sultan Mehmood (New Economic School in Moscow)

"Religious Leaders and Rule of Law"
March, 3 Gianmarco Leon
(UPF-Barcelona GSE)
"Merit-Based Promotions and Worker Productivity: An Experiment in the Public Sector"
March, 10 Ruben Durante (UPF-Barcelona GSE) TBA
March, 17 Gianluca Russo (UPF-Barcelona GSE) "Media and Assimilation: Evidence from the Golden Age of Radio"
Password: 112233
March, 24

Maria Petrova
(UPF-Barcelona GSE)

"Echo Chambers: Does Online Network Structure Affect Political Polarization?" (with Ruben Enikolopov and David Yanagizawa-Drott)



3rd TERM
April, 14

Libertad González
(UPF-Barcelona GSE)

"Preventing Child Maltreatment: Beneficial Side Effects of Public Childcare Provision"

April, 28

Christoph Semken
(UPF-Barcelona GSE)

"American Dream vs. European Nightmare: A Field Experiment on the Effect of Movies on Redistributive Preferences" (with Ruben Durante and Ernst Fehr).
May, 5 Sebastian Ellingsen
(UPF-Barcelona GSE)
"Maritime Technology, World Trade, and Democratization"
May, 12

Simon Görlach
(Bocconi University visiting UPF)

"Political Sortng on the Neighborhood Level (joint with Felix Iglhaut)"
May, 19 Dante Donati (UPF-Barcelona GSE) "The end of tourist traps: evaluating the impact of Tripadvisor using a natural experiment"
June, 2 Milan Quentel(UPF-Barcelona GSE) "Why Spy" (joint with Albrecht Glitz)
June, 9 Philipp Kastrau(UPF-Barcelona GSE)

“Determinants of Health Care Utilization: Evidence from Ebola and Covid-19 in Sierra Leone”

June, 16 Laurenz Baertsch (UPF-Barcelona GSE)

"Engineering your family’s future: the intergenerational transmission of economic transformations"

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