11-14 February, 2019

Prof. Marc Demange (RMIT)

This course is an introduction to Network and Optimisation economics or business-related application. We will focus on optimal paths in a network with applications for dynamic programming and project management:

  • The notion of networks, paths and walks and examples of models
  • Optimality conditions and optimisation algorithms
  • Examples of problems that can be modelled as an optimal path problem–dynamic programming
  • Project management: Activity on Nodes graph, link with optimal paths, solution strategies, sensitivity

This course is targetted at masters and PhD students, postdocs, and anyone else interested.

Free registration is required to join the course.


  • Monday 11/02/2019 – 3pm to 5pm (l'auditori de M.Rodoreda)
  • Tuesday 12 /02/2019 – 9am to 11am (l'auditori de M.Rodoreda)
  • Wednesday 13/02/2019 – 9am to 11am (24.104)
  • Thursday 14/02/2019 – 9am to 11am (l'auditori de M.Rodoreda)

      Campus Ciutadella
      c/ Ramon Trias Fargas, 25-28

Click here to register (deadline is 6 February 2019)