Name Dissertation Supervisor Date Completed Placement
Queirós, Francisco "Essays in Macroeconomics and Financial Markets" Prof. Fernando Broner and Prof. Jaume Ventura June 2018 EUI (PostDoc)
Rangel, Thomas "Costs and Benefits of the Use of Derivatives" Prof. José Marín September 2007  
Regalia, Ferdinando "The Role of Wage Dynamics on Household Formation" Prof. Fabio Canova September 1999 Inter-American Development Bank
Reinthaler, Volker (EDP) "Essays in Growth, Public Finance and International Finance" Prof. Antonio Ciccone September 2005 J.P. Morgan
Reutskaja, Elena "Experiments on the Role of the Number of Alternatives in Choice" Prof. Robin Hogarth and Prof. Rosemarie Nagel December, 2008 IESE Business School
Ribas Tur, Joan "Pollution, Environmental Policy and Endogenous Growth" Prof. Xavier Sala i Martín, UPF July, 2003 ESCI Universitat Pompeu Fabra
Ribeiro, Rita "Integrated Distribution Management Problems: an Optimization Approach" Prof. Helena Ramalhinho, UPF March, 2004 Universidade Católica Portuguesa and Consultancy Indera
Rode, Julian "Experiments on Ethics and Economic Behavior" Prof. Robin Hogarth and Prof. Marc Le Menestrel October, 2007 Post-Doc, University Mannheim

Rodríguez González, Ana

"Essays in Health and Gender Economics" Prof. Libertad González June 2020 Lund University
Rodriguez Tous, Francesc "Essays on the Consequences of Banking Shocks" Prof. José Luis Peydró September, 2015 Bank of England
Rojas Arredondo, J. German "Optimal Taxation in a Stochastic Growth Model with Public Capital: Crowding-in Effects and Stabilization Policy " Prof. Albert Marcet, UPF June 1994 ITAM (Mexico)
Rojas Zea, Youel "Essays on the Credit Market and Macroeconomic Policy" Prof. Julian di Giovanni and Prof. Manuel Garcia Santana May, 2022 Banco Central de Reserva del Perú
Romero, Damian "Essays in Commodity Price Shocks in Small Open Economies" Prof. Julian di Giovanni and Prof. Manuel Garcia Santana July, 2021 Banco Central de Chile
Ronde, Thomas "Three Essays in Industrial Organization" Prof. Bruno Cassiman (Codirectors: Massimo Motta and Kai-Uwe Kuhn) September 1999 Copenhagen Business School
Roselló, Juan Carlos "Regional Redistribution and Growth" Prof. X. Sala-i-Martín January, 1998 Universitat de les Illes Balears
Rosolia, Alfonso "Neighbourhood Effects in Schooling and in the Labour Market" Prof. Antonio Ciccone January 2005 Banca d'Italia
Rossi, Luca "Essays on Uncertainty and Networks" Prof. Brownlees and Prof. Rossi April, 2018 Banca d'Italia
Rubí, Antoni "Essays on the Formation of Social Networks from a Game Theoretical Approach" Prof. Antonio Cabrales February 2008 Universitat de les Illes Balears
Ruiz, Diego "Essays on Indexability of Stochastic Scheduling and Dynamic Allocation Problems" Kevin Glazebrook >April 2007 Colegio Universitario de Estudios Financieros (CUNEF)