The Research Program on Systems Biology and Biomedical Engineering (SBBE) is devoted to applying quantitative and engineering principles towards reaching a systems-level understanding of biological systems and developing biomedical and clinical methods emerging from this new understanding.

The programme promotes excellence in science and technology transference to the industry and the society.

How we work as a programme? We are committed to join forces towards establishing a collaborative line of work that combines fundamental and applied approaches to better understand, control, and engineer matter.

What do we do? We holistically engineer matter to solve complex biological questions through modelling and experimental processes, leading to the generation of knowledge and products such as sustainable advanced medical/environmental technologies.

How we do it? We design non-living matter (atomic nanostructures) and cellular structures and organisms by engineering them at different scales, from individuals to multiple complex structures (nanomedicines, genetic circuits, genome, organoids, gastruloids, embryos).

Coordinator: Pilar Rivera


Group Leaders

Neurobiology of Sensory Systems

Berta Alsina

Laboratory of Chemical Biology & Peptide Theranostics

Marta Barniol-Xicota

Live-cell Structural Biology

Oriol Gallego

Dynamical Systems Biology

Jordi Garcia-Ojalvo

Translational Synthetic Biology

Marc Güell

Integrative Biomedical Materials and Nanomedicine

Pilar Rivera Gil

Synthetic Biology for Biomedical Applications

Javier Macia

Stembryo Engineering Lab

Alfonso Martínez Arias

Neurodevelopmental Dynamics Cristina Pujades