Dynamical Systems Biology lab

Jordi Garcia-Ojalvo

Nature is dynamic and nonlinear. From celestial bodies orbiting around each other and emitting radiation in a pulsed manner, to the ever changing climate and geology of our own planet, natural phenomena are governed by the laws of nonlinear dynamical systems. This also applies to living systems, which exhibit all kinds of time-varying behavior. Nonlinearities in the interactions among the system components and in the response to external perturbations, together with random fluctuations of both internal and external origin, complicate our understanding of the dynamic world. The goal of our lab is to study and characterize the dynamical behavior of living systems, and use this knowledge to understand how these systems operate and self-organize in complex yet well-coordinated processes.

The phenomena that we study include synchronization, noise-induced phenomena, pattern formation, excitability, and limit-cycle behavior, among others. The living systems whose behavior we examine include bacteria, stem cells, the immune system, and the brain. In these systems we explore processes such as gene regulation, intra- and inter-cellular signaling, cortical oscillations, and information processing.



Dynamical Systems Biology lab

Systems Bioengineering

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