UPF Core Facilities

UPF Core Facilities

UPF Core Facilities

UPF Core Facilities

UPF Core Facilities

UPF Core Facilities


UPF has six cutting-edge Core Facilities in the PRBB offering the latest technologies in their fields.

The Genomics, Peptide Synthesis and Scientific Computing Core facilities are run directly by the MELIS, and they are open to the whole PRBB community, while the Proteomics and Flow Cytometry facilities are jointly managed with the CRG.

The UPF also contributes to the Advanced Light Microscopy Unit (CRG-UPF) and has access to other facilities belonging to the rest of institutions in the PRBB.

The Genomics Unit offers a wide variety of methodologies for nucleic acid analyses and features state-of-the-art instruments for high-throughput genetic analysis and functional genomics, as well as de novo sequencing.

The Peptide Synthesis Unit produces custom peptides and performs the conjugation of peptides to carrier proteins to generate antibodies.

The Scientific Computing Core Facility provides access to advanced computing resources and helps researchers to solve complex computational problems.

The Proteomics Unit focuses on ultimate technology mass spectrometry for hypothesis free as well as targeted proteomics. Applications include identification of proteins and posttranslational modifications, biomarker analysis, and quantitative proteomics using label free quantification, iTRAQ and SILAC.

The Flow Cytometry Unit, with its six analyzers and two sorters, is one of the most comprehensive facilities and the largest Becton Dickinson site in Spain.

The Microscopy Unit covers the whole spectrum of advanced microscopy applications with a recent focus on super-resolution microscopy.

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