Live-cell Structural Biology

PICT assay to dectec Sec3-Exo84 interaction in yeast

Higher-order molecular mechanisms in cell growth

Our research is focused on the quantitative characterisation of complex molecular processes that regulate cell growth, both from a mechanistic and structural point of view. The main target of our studies is vesicle trafficking and our favorite model organism is the budding yeast. We combine cell engineering, advanced light microscopy, biochemical approaches and data integration in silico to analyse the concerted action of protein complexes that build supra-assemblies and the mechanisms that preserve cellular functions under environmental threats. Together with international collaborators, we develop new approaches to visualise those processes that could not be described before, with the aim of bridging molecular cell biology and environmental sciences. For more information about our work do not hesitate to navigate through the Gallego lab page

Live-cell structural biology

Systems Bioengineering

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