Our work provides a comprehensive coverage of all core MedTech technologies.

We strongly believe that breakthrough progress in medical technologies will come from a multidisciplinary team effort, involving both clinical and technological researchers, united by the goal of developing new concepts for prevention, diagnosis and treatment that exploit all converging technologies.

In BCN-MEDTECH we are committed to transfer our technology and the knowledge derived from it to clinicians. We believe in the importance of clinical translation and we work towards the obtention of results that are fully clinically-interpretable. We spend a significant amount of time talking to specialist, to have a deeper understanding of the clinical problems that we tackle. Take a look at our use cases section to see a selection of our transferable projects!

We offer solutions to the industry and clinicians to:

Define the research approach from the basic understanding of the disease towards the clinical study

• Select/design the appropriate investigational tools to assess and measure the relevant clinical parameters

• Quantify the diagnostic information (from clinical information to imaging data and biomedical signals)

Suggest and implement alternative approaches towards therapy and to interpret the results and relate them to the pathophysiological knowledge and clinical medicine

Develop computational systems and electronic devices for treatment support



Our research areas