The MoCa Lab

 Motion Capture and Analysis Lab

  • Eight infrared cameras with 1.5 MP resolution at 250 fps, and has the capacity to detect maker displacements inferior to 0.1 mm in an acquisition volume of 4x4x3 m3. 
  • Synchronised with video cameras and two force plates, for integrated biomechanical analyses of human body motions. 

Biomedical Electronics Lab

  • Electronics test bench with standard equipment (digital oscilloscopes, multimeters power supplies and function generator). Wet bench behind.
  • Electronic assembly bench with visual inspection microscope which provides 3D imaging for manipulation and miniaturized soldering tasks. Rework station with hot air iron, solder iron and desolder iron.  
  • General view of the BERG electronics lab
  • 3D printer (Ultimaker 2)
  • 3D carving CNC machine for rapid prototyping
  • High precision welding laser system with smart spot technology for repeatable welding processes.

Planning and Simulation Lab


  • VIVE Virtual Relaity System
  • Emotiv Epoc + helmet for human brain research
  • Electromagnetic Tracking Systems Aurora