Undergraduate Programs

There are several undegraduate programs where member of BCN MedTech teach, and where students get the chance to get involved with BCN MedTech projects.

Master Programs

Most BCN MedTech researchers are involved as teachers or students in:

  • Computational Biomedical Engineering Master

Computational techniques in biomedical engineering are the main focus of our master. This comprises the quantitative analysis of biomedical images and signals as well as the modeling of living organisms and medical devices. Starting at the cellular level up to the level of whole organisms, the different analysis and modeling projects will cover many different scales of biological organization. Concrete examples include the analysis of electroencephalographic recordings from epilepsy patients, the design of surgical tools, or the self-organization of single cells and cellular populations in health and disease.

For more information, visit the Master degree website.

Doctoral Programs

  • PhD of the Dept. ICT of the UPF