Back "Enginy contra la COVID-19” seeks realistic proposals to tackle specific challenges

"Enginy contra la COVID-19” seeks realistic proposals to tackle specific challenges

A competition in support of students’ talent in the global fight against coronavirus. It addresses UPF students of Engineering and is also open to the entire community of university students.

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The BCN MedTech research unit is promoting the “Enginy contra la COVID-19” awards. This charitable initiative seeks to support projects carried out by students of Engineering at UPF to develop tools that enable the citizens to fight the spread of coronavirus.

Participating teams must propose, develop and promote creative, realistic solutions to address three specific challenges:

Challenge 1: design items of physical facial protection that can be produced by citizens.

Challenge 2: optimize the management of personal protective equipment for health workers.

Challenge 3: design strategies and tools for safe confinement.

“We launched the “Enginy contra la COVID-19” initiative because we realized that our Biomedical Engineering students were highly motivated to help and we thought that a competition that involved specific challenges could be a good way of channelling their motivation and talent”, says Antoni Ivorra, professor of Engineering studies at UPF, researcher with the BCN MedTech unit and coordinator of the initiative.

The project is driven by Ivorra and researchers in his team Laura Becerra FajardoJesus MinguillónBorja Mercadal and Tomás García Sánchez, with Nerea Mangado and Jérôme Noailly, members of BCN MedTech, sponsored by the DTIC-UPF, the UPF Board of Trustees and QUAES-UPF Chair. In addition, the project is included in the crowdfunding campaign launched by UPF to combat coronavirus: #UPFContraElCoronavirus.

Set up a team and participate in the fight against COVID-19

The candidate projects must be framed in one of the three challenges proposed by the organization. The competition will take place in two stages, one for the proposal of projects and the other for the implementation of the four first stage winning proposals.

The competition is open to teams made up of at least four and, at most, ten people. Team interdisciplinarity will be highly considered. At least 50% of the team must be made up of students enrolled in the current academic year on a UPF bachelor’s degree in Engineering. The other members can have any academic or professional profile; they can be students enrolled in other undergraduate studies at UPF or at other universities. A person can only participate in just one proposal from each of the challenges.

Two stages and six awards

The awards are intended to support projects submitted to the competition selected by the evaluation committee. In the first stage, four awards of €1,500 will be granted to develop the selected projects, at least one from each proposed challenge, for six weeks. For the second stage, there will be two final awards of €1,500 for the projects that the committee deems as being better developed.

Schedule and important dates to be kept in mind:


Launch of the competition:                                                                           10/04/2020

Deadline for registering teams:                                                                     01/05/2020

Deadline for submitting proposals (Stage I):                                                  08/05/2020

Announcement of the winning proposals (Stage I):                                         15/05/2020

Deadline for sending the results report (Stage II):                                          03/07/2020

Announcement of the winning projects (Phase II):                                          10/07/2020


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