Back Vice-rector for Culture and Communication

  • Vice-rector: Raquel Bouso Garcia

Postal address

Universitat Pompeu Fabra 
Edifici Mercè 
Carrer de la Mercè 12 
08002 Barcelona


Phone number: 93 542 20 00
E-Mail: [email protected]



The vice-rector for Culture and Communication shall, under the guidance of the rector, coordinate and oversee the following matters:

  • The promotion of  communication strategies that enhance the coordination of the different units and services of the University
  • The promotion of communication strategies to project the UPF model and activities to society and the world
  • The development of the artistic heritage and the cultural programme and relations with institutions in this field
  • The promotion of the participation by the University community in all kinds of activities where culture is a central element


Raquel BousoRaquel Bouso Garcia is an associate professor of Philosophy with the Department of Humanities. A graduate in Information Sciences (UAB, 1995) and in Humanities (UPF, 1997), she received her PhD in Humanities, with a thesis on the notion of emptiness in the philosophy of Keiji Nishitani (UPF, 2005). She has conducted research at several universities: Nanzan in Nagoya, Kyoto, Humboldt in Berlin, Ca'Foscari of Venice, Cambridge, UK, and the Catholic University of Leuven. Her lines of research focus on the areas of intercultural philosophy and Asian thought and religions, particularly Japanese philosophy and Buddhism.

She has directed two R&D&I projects on fundamental topics and texts of Japanese philosophy and on Japanese topological thought. She has been a member of the SGR Bibliotheca Mystica et Philosophica Alois M. Haas (2009-2022) and is currently a researcher at the SGR Alter. Crisis, Otherness and Representation, of the research group “Les Orients désorientés” (IHRIM-Clermont University Auvergne) and of Mushin’en 無心円 - Intercultural Philosophy Research Group. She chairs the European Network of Japanese Philosophy (ENOJP) and is a member of the Expert Panel in Philosophy of the Research Foundation Flanders (FWO). She has published papers in journals such as Philosophy East and West, World Philosophies and Journal of Aesthetics and Phenomenology.

Before assuming the position of vice-rector for Culture and Communication, she has held several management positions at UPF including teaching coordinator of the Faculty of Humanities, coordinator of the master’s degree in Comparative Studies of Literature, Art and Thought, and secretary of the Academic Committee of the Doctoral Programme in Humanities.

She was appointed by the rector on 6 March 2023.