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  • Head of Service: Eva Martín García

Postal address

Universitat Pompeu Fabra 
Mercè Rodoreda building (Ciutadella campus) 
Wellington, 38-40 
08005 Barcelona


Telephone: (34) 93 542 21 40 
Fax: (34) 93 542 14 40
E-mail: [email protected]


The Research Service is responsible for providing support for the planning and implementation of research policy; promoting, advising and managing financing administrations' research programmes, and coordinating the processes carried out by decentralized administrative units in the economic sphere; managing UPF research programmes, and supplying data from this area.

The Research Service is organized into the following functional areas:

  • Science Policy
  • Research Projects
  • Resources Administration and Management

1. The functions of the Science Policy area are to implement the research policies established by the vice-rector for the area; to ensure compliance by researchers with the regulations; to manage the assignment of researchers to research centres; to coordinate the Plan of Action for Research Support; to promote talent recruitment and coordinate calls for the incorporation of research staff; to participate actively in the preparation of proposals for funding institutional projects; to draft the research report, and to coordinate management processes related to the Research Committee.

2. The functions of the Research Projects area are to boost participation by PDI in the various research programmes of the different administrations; to advise it on funding opportunities and offer guidance as to the best strategy for participation in such programmes; to participate actively in drafting proposals, especially those involving leadership by UPF; to control the management of research projects and liaise with the funding bodies; to prepare the economic justification of projects, and to advise and coordinate with project managers acting within the framework of the research groups.

In order to bring the service and management closer to research staff, adapt it to the characteristics of the areas of knowledge, and streamline coordination with other units involved in these processes, the Research Projects area will provide de-centralized services through the offices of the Research Service located on the various campuses.

3. The functions of the Resources Administration and Management area are to coordinate the processes relating to the financial management of research and knowledge transfer (R&D&I) funding; to liaise with the various units involved in order to coordinate the processes relating to the financial management of grants; to coordinate the preparation of the economic justification of R&D&I grants and grants for the incorporation of research staff, and to advise the various managers and users interacting in these processes.