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  • General Manager: Oriol Escardíbul Ferrà

Postal address

Universitat Pompeu Fabra 
Mercè building 
Carrer de la Mercè 12 
08002 Barcelona


Telephone: (34) 93 542 21 09
Fax : (34) 93 542 21 18
E-mail : [email protected]


  • Administer and manage the University’s assets/properties and budget.
  • Prepare the multiannual programming proposal and the preliminary draft budget.
  • By delegation of the rector, manage the University’s administrative and service staff.
  • By delegation of the rector, implement the agreements of the Board of Governors in financial and administrative matters.
  • Issue all documents and certificates concerning the situation and financial management of the University as may be requested.
  • ​Any other function attributed to them under current legislation, the Statutes and their implementing regulations, or as delegated or assigned to them by the governing bodies of the University.


Oriol EscardíbulBorn in Barcelona in 1970, Oriol Escardíbul holds a degree in Economic and Business Sciences from the University of Barcelona (1993), a master’s degree in Industrial Relations from the University of Warwick (2000), and a PhD in Economics (2002) from the University of Barcelona.

He has worked in his family business, but between 1994 and 2018 (24 years) he pursued his academic career at the University of Barcelona, where he lectured in Political Economics, Public Treasury and Economics of Education. With regard to his research, he specializes in the economics of education and the economics of culture. He has participated in national and European research groups and in teaching transfer and innovation activities.

Some of the main academic and management positions he has held throughout his career are as director of the Human Capital Research Programme of the Barcelona Institute of Economics (2014-2019); president of the Economics of Education Association (AEDE) from 2016 until 2018; vice-rector for Economics (2016-2018) and general manager of the University of Barcelona (2018-2021), and advisor to the presidents of the boards of trustees of the ACUP (2021).


He was appointed by the rector on 31 March 2022.