Back Commissioner for the EDvolution project

  • Comissioner: Pilar Medina

Postal address

Universitat Pompeu Fabra 
Edifici Mercè 
Carrer de la Mercè 12 
08002 Barcelona


Phone number: 93 542 20 00


The commissioner for the EDvolution project will have the following roles and responsibilities:

  • Contribute to the implementation of the EDvolution project.
  • Coordinate cross-disciplinary programmes.
  • Academic supervision of the activities and programmes of the Center for Learning Innovation and Knowledge (CLIK).



A graduate and a PhD in Psychology (UB), and an associate professor with the Faculty of Communication (Pompeu Fabra University). She is a member of the Critical Communication Research Group (CritiCC). Her research is devoted to critical media analysis from a feminist perspective. She has published dozens of articles and book chapters that include critical analysis of rape culture in the media, violence in relationships, intensive motherhood ideals, the sexualization of women’s bodies in advertising, and the survival of romantic myths in fiction. 

She is currently the commissioner of the EDvolution project, which includes the academic coordination of different cross-disciplinary programmes at UPF (Open Degree, UPF minors, Free Elective Cross-disciplinary Training, UPF Sènior and Campus Júnior) as well as the academic coordination of the CLIK. Prior to taking up this position, among others she has been rector's delegate for special academic activities, academic secretary of the Department of Communication, and mobility coordinator on the bachelor’s degree in Advertising and Public Relations.

She has been granted various awards for teaching quality (including Award for 'Example of good teaching practice' by the Catalan Association of Public Universities in 2017, and the Award by the Board of Trustees for Teaching Quality in 2016).

She was appointed by the rector on 31 May 2021.