The Master Final Project (10 ECTS) is the final tutorized project compulsory to obtain the Online Master in Terminology diploma. The final project can only be registered after having all the remaining credits required to obtain the Online Master in Terminology.

The project consists in a terminography work where all theoretical, methodological and technical knowledge acquired throughout the Post-graduate course, the Diploma and the Workshops will be put into practice.

Each student will be assigned an advisor who will give him/her permanently advice on the work.

The minimal features of the work will be the following:

  • Multilingual glossary (at least three languages) with a full written presentation of the project (research methodology, theoretical framework, documentation, problem solving, neology cases, etc.).
  • Specialized Subject (with the advisor's agreement).
  • No less than 75 entries (depending on the project model).
  • Conceptual organization of the vocabulary's content.
  • The work must be developed in a Terminology management system. Category codes will be suggested by the advisor. Compulsory fields: entry, grammatical category, term source, subject code, conceptual organization code, context or definition, context or definition source, variants and synonyms , equivalents in other languages, equivalents source.