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Winter Spanish Program: Spanish language quarterly course [February-March]

The orientation of the Winter Program, an online eight-week course, is communicative, both in aims and the methodology used. This means that in addition to rigorous training in grammar, this course will provide students with the necessary resources to communicate in Spanish correctly and appropriately in different areas.


Course details:

  • Contact hour and type of course: 30 contact hours; live videoconferences online classes (75 teaching-learning hours in total)
  • ECTS credits: Up to 3 ECTS credits. To obtain credits for extracurricular activities, you will need to be awarded a certificate and send it to your academic coordinator at your home university (FAQ). Your home university will decide how many credits you are awarded. At the UPF, if you are an international undergraduate student, you can be awarded 3 ECTS credits per course and up to 6 ECTS credits (see here current regulation).
  • UPF Certificate: Certificate with level CEFR achieved
  • Number of students per group: 10 minimum; 20 maximum
  • Who can enrol: Everyone over the age of 16
  • Online course details



2022-2023 Winter Program Schedules [Online course]: REGISTRATION OPEN!


WINTER PROGRAM: February 1 - March 23, 2023 [Course calendar]

[Course code 1675/4]


Beginner A1 / Elementary A2 / Intermediate B1 / Advanced B2 / Proficiency C1 / Mastery C2

Days of class:

- Monday & Wednesday (levels A2, B2 and C2)

- Tuesday & Thursday (levels A1, B1 and C1)

Schedules: You can choose between the morning group (9.30 - 11.30 am) or the evening one (6.30 - 8.30 pm)

Registration period:

November 15 - January 25


Entry requirements:

You can enrol directly on the level you think you have to take. In order to confirm your enrolment on a level higher than A1, you will have to demonstrate your level by:

We will confirm your enrolment on the course once you have demonstrated your level and if necessary, we will change the level you have initially selected.


Fee: €260

  • The fee includes the teaching, the necessary material to follow the course and the UPF course certificate.
  • Idiomes UPF reserves the right to cancel any course if the minimum required (10) is not reached. In this case, the fee for the course would be refunded.


Refund policy

If you enroll on a course which in the end you are unable to attend, Idiomes UPF will refund the full enrolment fee as long as you send us your request to [email protected] before the course starts. Otherwise, the fee for the course cannot be refunded.


How to enrol on the course

In order to enrol on the course, you just have to follow the following instructions:


ATENTION: Scheduled dowtime of Secretaria Virtual on January 24 from 8 am to 1 pm. It is possible that enrollment cannot be completed at this time. After that, secretaria virtual will be working as usual.

For any queries, please contact us via the CAU platform.