July, 2020


  • Enrollment must be formalized online through Secretaria Virtual.
  • Enrollment will only be confirmed once payment of the fee for the course or the test has been made and when Idiomes UPF has checked if the student has the required level to enroll on the chosen course.
  • Once payment has been made, changes or cancellations will only be accepted in exceptional situations set out in these regulations. (See below REFUND POLICY section).
  • Payment can be made only by credit or debit card.
  • Once the group has reached the required number of students to be open, Idiomes UPF will contact all applicants to confirm the opening of the course.
  • Idiomes ​​UPF reserves the right to cancel the course before its start if the minimum number of registered students required to open the course is not reached. You can check the minimum number of registrations required in the description section of each language.




Idiomes UPF will only refund the full fee for the course (except for the UPF subsidized courses: Catalan, Catalan Landing Program, Spanish and Campus Plurilingüe) and only in the following situations:

  • Cancellation of a course due to enrollment not reaching the minimum required by the administration.
  • Student’s withdrawal from the course before the start date.


Once the course has started, a student can cancell the registration only during the first week of class of each term and only the fee for annual foreign languages courses (English, German, Arabics, French, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Chinese) will be refunded (only the fee for the terms not taken will be refunded), providing this is justified by academic reasons, such as the following:

  • Change in UPF’s degree timetable: a change in the student’s original timetable. In this case, the student will be asked to present writte proof fom the degree administration confirming there had been a significant change from when the student enrolled.
  • Internship: student’s undertaking of an internship period with a timetable incompatible with the course attendance. Written proof from the company where the internship is taking place and the schedule will be needed.

In case the cancellation is due to other academic reasons that are not listed above, the student will have to justify the reason in writing and make the request via the form. The corresponding documentation (form and further documents justifying the cancellation of the course registration) will be sent to [email protected].

Once the necessary information processed, if applicable, Idiomes UPF will proceed to refund the amount using the same credit or debit card used by the student when making the registration, provided that Idiomes UPF is unable to offer a suitable alternative.

Under no circumstances are refunds made for level tests or certifying tests.



  • Idiomes UPF discount policy is set by the Consell Social de la Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Agreements from the Comissió Econòmica del Consell Social on July 16, 2020, where Idiomes UPF tariffs and the discount plan were approved).
  • The student can benefit of a 5 % discount for early enrollment in all of the general courses offered (90-hour courses, Fast Track intensive courses, and Cambridge Exam Strategies) provided that enrollment is made two weeks before the onset of the course.
  • Students can apply to an additional 5 % for familia nombrosa (large family), single-parent family or having a disability equal to or more than 33%. This discount can be applied to all the general courses offered (90-hour courses, Fast Track intensive courses, and Cambridge Exam Strategies) and can be added in addition to the 5 % for early registration, providing enrollment is made within the specific time period.
  • In order to benefit from the 5 % discount, the student will have to present the corresponding documentation that certifies validity and access to the discount. The student will have to pay the full course fee, and once the documentation has been validated, Idiomes UPF will proceed to refund the corresponding amount using the same credit or debit card used by the student when making the registration.
  • Under no circumstances will the discount be applied before the student's right to claim a discount has been fully verified.