Universitat Pompeu Fabra is committed to a multilingual and intercultural profile that allows the members of its community to acquire knowledge of different languages and cultures from around the world in order to become global citizens. For this reason, the UPF Plurilingual Campus will be running in July 2021, inviting participants to experience up to four different languages and cultures throughout the month of September, at a reduced fee.

This initiative is open to members of the UPF community as well as the general public.


Design your personal plurilingual pathway!

Thanks to the 20 contact-hour courses we offer during the summer in our UPF Plurilingual Campus, from Monday to Friday, from 9.30 am to 2.00 pm, you can have a taste of one language per week!

As they are beginner courses, you do not need to have any previous knowledge of the language you are taking.

In the following table you will see the different options offered during the month of July.

You can take up to four different courses during the month of July! You will only have to chose between option A or option B for each course/week you would like to take.

Choose the option you'd like more, and prepare to enjoy this summer as never before!

1st WEEK (July 5 - 9) FRENCH I - CLOSE or GERMAN

2nd WEEK (July 12 - 16)

3rd WEEK (July 19 - 23) ITALIAN I or CHINESE - CLOSE
4th WEEK (July 26 - 30) ITALIAN II* or ARABIC - CLOSE

* To take the module French II and/or Italian II, it is compulsory to have taken the first module (French I or Italian I).

1 course: €60                              2 courses: €40/course (total €80) 3 courses: €30/course (total €90) 4 courses: €25/course (total €100)

Number of students per group: 10 minimum; 15 maximum 

Registration period: open until a week before the beginning of the course, or until the course is full.

Important: if you are a UPF student, you can ask for RAC credits (1 ECTS credit per course) as part of your transcript and part of the MINOR IN PLURILINGUALISM.

Once the course is finished, and the attendance requirements have been met (minimum of 80%), Idiomes UPF will issue an attendance certificate, indicating the 20-hour beginner course taken the corresponding language.

The fee for this course will be refunded only if UPF cancels the opening of the course due to a lack of participants.

Who can enrol on the course: These courses are open to the UPF Community and the general public above the age of 16.

Registration closed