German Certifying exams

PCCL details PCCL details

  • Levels: B1 - B2 - C1
  • Registration period: Open until a week before the date the test takes place
  • Location: Ciutadella Campus
  • Calendar: 5 exam sessions per academic year
  • ECTS credits for UPF students: 6 RAC credits if the language you take the test in is not your native language (see here RAC regualtions)
  • UPF certificate: Idiomes UPF certificate indicating the CEFR level obtained. With the B2 or C1 CEFR certificate of English, French, German or Italian, you can get a €50 refund if you are taking your degree at a Catalan university 
  • Who can take this test: UPF Community members (students, teachers, etc.) and the general public over the age of 16

What is the PCCL?

A language test designed and administered by the UPF's language service. The candidates, according to their results, will obtain a B1 (threshold), B2 (vantage) or C1 (effective operational proficiency level) CEFR certificate. The exam assesses grammar and vocabulary, reading, writing and speaking.

The PCCL certifies B1, B2 and C1 levels in the language you take the test in, and is mostly used in a university context. If the intended use is outside of this setting, please contact organization or company requiring this certification to ensure this certificate is valid. 


Fee: €75

201 - 2022 Schedule 201 - 2022 Schedule

How to enroll on the PCCL

IMPORTANT! In the event that you are a student with special educational needs and require adaptations in the exams, it is necessary that you inform us at the time of registration by sending a message to [email protected] Failure to have the information in sufficient time may lead to the non-application of the requested adaptations.

In order to enroll for the test, select the code [1715/1 - PCCL GERMAN] on the enrollment page, indicating the corresponding language and exam date, and make the payment online following the instructions: