Level Test - 2021-2022 Academic Year Level Test - 2021-2022 Academic Year

  • Description: The level test is an online, multiple choice test, consisting of a maximum of 100 (depending on the language) Use of Language questions.

  • Goal: The result of the level test serves as an indication as to which level you should register for.

  • Fee: Free.

  • Registration: Select the language which you wish to do the test form, and you will receive a form to complete. Once the form is submitted, you will receive a link to the actual level test.

  • Taking of the test: Please note that you can only take the test once. However, you can decide when to take it.

  • Results: Once the answers to the test are submitted, you will have access to the result. You can then register for the level indicated on your result, so as to not miss out on the course. Please remember a 5% discount can be applied for early registration to some courses.

Please bear in mind that these tests are not certifying exams; this means that you will not receive a certificate on completing them.


Available level tests Available level tests