2021 - 2022 Academic Year 2021 - 2022 Academic Year

  • Contact hours and type of course: 40 contact hours; online or face-to-face classes (depending on the term)
  • Location: Campus Ciutadella (face-to-face courses)
  • UPF Certification: UPF Certificate of attendance and performance report


Course objectives:

The course offers an overview of the methodological and technical principles for teaching Spanish as a foreign language and provides the minimum and indispensable theoretical and practical tools for the future teacher of Spanish. The classes will deal with the theoretical questions necessary to develop teaching competence, will propose different activities of analysis and reflection on the role of the teacher, the student and the language in the teaching-learning process and will be it will promote individual reflection and collaborative work in order to enrich reflection.

This course also aims to:

  • Reflect on the basic concepts related to the process of teaching and learning a foreign language.
  • Become familiar with the use of teaching materials and resources in the classroom. 
  • Analyze didactic and methodological criteria in order to provide the necessary tools for the elaboration of didactic units and for the good development of teaching practice.
  • Facilitate principles and techniques of evaluation.
  • Observe different aspects of a teacher's performance in class and identify aspects of teaching competence.
  • Develop a proposal for teaching intervention.
  • Give direct teaching in the clasroom and then analyze the teaching practice (only in face-to-face editions).


Course contents:

  • Class 0: the starting point.
  • What is it like to be a good foreign language teacher?
  • Learning models and reference documents.
  • Manuals and other teaching resources in the classroom.
  • Grammar treatment in the ELE class.
  • Vocabulary treatment in the ELE class.
  • Communicative activities: written comprehension and expression.
  • Communicative activities: oral comprehension and expression.
  • Correction and evaluation.
  • Planning a teaching unit.
  • Linguistic reflection workshops.
  • Introduction to class observation.
  • Individual and small group tutorials.
  • Practical sessions: micro-teaching and feedback.
  • Direct teaching in the clasroom (only in face-to-face editions).


The virtual course consists of:

  • LIVE ONLINE SESSIONS. Classes will be held live during the course, with the whole group, through the Collaborate platform.
  • ONLINE AND OFFLINE ACTIVITIES. Different group dynamics will be generated, some of which will be live during the class and others after the class as a planned method for carrying out the activities established as autonomous work. In this sense, work groups will be set up: forums, online rooms for specific groups, chats, etc.
  • SELF-EMPLOYED WORK. Autonomous work will be assigned to you during or after the class session.
  • PERSONALIZED ATTENTION. Both in live classes and during the course, you will always receive personalized attention form the teacher. In addition, you will have a weekly personalized attention hour in which you can consult your teacher's questions via video conference.
  • GLOBAL CLASSROOM. In the Global Classroom you will have all the material used in class, in order to be able to review or retrieve a class to which you have not been able to connect live. However, it is important to note that continued and active participation in the different sessions will be essential for good performance and better use of this course.

Editions and timetables for the 2021-2022 academic year:

First edition [ONLINE]: FEBRUARY 7 - MARCH 10, 2022

Timetable: from Monday to Thursday, 6.30pm - 8.00pm

Enrollment period: from July 5 to February 3 2022

Second edition [ONLINE]: APRIL 25 - MAY 27, 2022

Timetable: from Monday to Thursday, 9.30a.m - 11.30a.m

Enrollment period: from July 5 to April 21 2022

Third edition [FACE-TO-FACE]: JULY 4 - JULY 15, 2022

Timetable: from Monday to Friday, 9.30a.m - 2.00p.m

Enrollment period: from July 5 to June 30, 2022

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Access requirements:

This training course is aimed at adults, preferably graduates or students of Translation and Interpreting, Philology, Applied Languages or related careers, as well as all those university-level people from other disciplines who want to guide their professional career towards the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language.



Students who have passed the course will receive a certificate of completition issued by Pompeu Fabra University and a brief qualitative report that will describe their personal performance throughout the teaching internship.


Price: 440 € (No discounts apply)

  • The price of the course includes the theoretical classes, the didactic material and the UPF certificate ot the course.
  • Idiomes UPF reserves the right to cancel any course that does not reach the minimum number of students required, in which case the full amount ot the course will be refunded.

To reserve your place, you will have to pay for the course.

Once the minimum number of students has been reached to open the group (11), Idiomes UPF will send and e-mail with all the information about the course (classroom, teacher, etc).


How can I enroll in the course?

To enroll in the 2021-2022 academic year, you will need to select the code [1626/5 - Curs ELE] and add to your registration the edition you want to make and make the online payment by card following the instructions below: