Languages ​​UPF has been the language service of Pompeu Fabra University (UPF) since its creation more than fifteen years ago. It is a dynamic and committed team made up of more than 40 professionals from more than 12 nationalities.


Our Mission is to respond to the needs of the Members of the UPF university community regarding the training and certification of languages, providing them with linguistic competence, both in Catalan and in Spanish and in foreign languages, essential for a Multilingual projection within the social, academic and professional field. Our offer of language courses and certifications, characterized by its university quality, is also aimed at companies and institutions, as well as the external public.

Areas of work

Languages ​​UPF is structured in 4 areas of work:

  1. Language training for UPF and external students
  2. Language training for UPF and external professionals
  3. Linguistic assessment and certification for UPF and the general public
  4. Multilingualism Resource administration and management