To access a PhD programme at UPF you must have an official university degree and a master's degree, and have passed at least 300 ECTS credits. 

You can also access the doctorate with: 

  • an official Spanish university degree or equivalent, as long as at least 300 ECTS credits have been passed and a level 3 of the MECES is accredited; 
  • a degree from the European Higher Education Area (non-Spanish) that accredits a level 7 of the European Qualifications Framework, as long as this degree entitles to access a PhD in the issuing country; 
  • a foreign title (non-EHEA) of a training level equivalent to a Spanish university master's degree and that entitles to access a PhD programme in the issuing country; 
  • a doctoral degree; 
  • a minimum of two years of positively evaluated training programme leading to the obtaining of the official title in one of the specialties in the field of health sciences.