Are the defense of animals and environmentalism compatible?

On Monday September 17th, 2017, THINKClima project organised (with UPF-CAE) the international panel "Are the defense of animals and environmentalism compatible?"

The Panel, held in Poblenou Campus, was chaired by Paula Casal and included Catia Faria (University of Minho, Portugal), Eze Paez (University of Minho, Portugal), Lisa Kemmerer (Montana State University Billings, US) and Marta Tafalla (Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain). Faria and Paez provided arguments to suport the incompatibility of environmentalism and animal advocacy while Kemmerer and Tafalla supported the compatibility of both movements. The session was summarised by Daniela Romero Waldhorn (University of Barcelona).

This event was framed within the ethical reflection THINKClima is conducting during the first and second year of the project regarding the roots and causes of inaction. The session raises from the discussion on specisist attitudes, which are studied in the project as an ideological denial preventing progress.