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A mobile application for educators and learners, to gather feedback regarding the implementation of learning designs

Ld-Feedback is a mobile application for educational practicioners (teachers, educational designers, students) which allows the gathering of feedback relevant with the implementation of learning designs. The tool is connected with the Integrated Learning Design Environment (ILDE), a community platform for learning designs. Two interfaces allow teachers to create feedback forms and generate reports for their learning designs´ implementations. Students and other involved teachers access feedback forms to evaluate learning designs with rating and comments. 

Teacher interface:


Student interface:


Michos K, Fernández A, Hernández-Leo D, Calvo R. (2017) Ld-Feedback
App: Connecting learning designs with students´ and teachers´
perceived experiences. Proceedings of the European Conference on
Technology Enhanced Learning; Tallinn, Estonia, 509-512.

Open access: