The coverage of fees varies based on the specific program you're enrolled in:

  • Exchange Programs: If you're participating in an exchange program where your home university nominates you, your home university usually covers your tuition fees as part of the exchange agreement.
  • Direct Enrollment in International Programs: If you're directly enrolling in our International Programs at UPF, you'll be responsible for paying tuition fees directly to UPF or through the third-party organization you apply through. In some cases, your home university may not cover the fees, and you'll need to manage the financial aspects independently.

It's essential to check the specific arrangements and agreements between your home university, UPF, and any third-party organizations to understand your financial obligations accurately.

Program Fees

Full-Length Terms

Short-term Programs

Barcelona International Summer School

Special Offer for Students from Partner Universities

Registration Fee Exemption: If you are a student from a partner university you will not be required to pay the registration fee for any of our programs.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Cancellation Policy

  1. Notification: Students must notify the UPF International Office in writing if they wish to cancel their enrollment.
  2. Cancellation Fee: A fee of €150 will be applied to students who cancel their participation once they have been admitted to the program except in cases of force majeure, such as severe illness or an urgent need to return to their home country when duly justified with written evidence.