Fall, Winter, Spring and all year programs (fees for partner institutions)

Semester and full year academic program:

This sort of enrolment gives the student the right to take the indicated number of courses at any of the divisions included in the UPF Education Abroad umbrella or a combination of courses from several of these divisions: The student card and access to UPF services are included.


- BaPIS, including Spanish Language courses
- ESCI regular offering
- UPF regular offering
-Major oriented programs: 
  International Business Program
  International Relations Program


Package Fee
1 course 1.000€
2 courses 1.520€
3 courses 2.140€
4 courses 2.800€
5 courses in Full semester (either Fall, Winter or Winter/Spring) 3.350€
Full year (any number of courses taken during the Fall, Winter or Fall/Winter/Spring terms) 6.080€

Students' credits will be added to their certificate upon successful completion of programme courses and payment of the fee* applicable to credits for the current academic year.

*If applicable, the payment of the tuition will be invoiced to students after Add & Drop period.


Experiential learning program:

The UPF offers academic experiential learning opportunities abroad which can complement semester program enrolment. Participation in either an internship or a directed research abroad involves a course registration as per the packages above plus a fee as it follows:

Concept Fee
Internship placement fee 1.500€
Independent Research Project abroad  (6 ECTS) 1.500€

Special major-oriented programs

The UPF Education Abroad Program offers major oriented programs in disciplines which involve a practical or technical component and access to laboratories, special facilities or courses at Schools where ECTS cost is higher. The fees for these programs include the participation in courses, research, an internship, the student card and access to UPF services.

Program Fee
ICT Abroad Program 3.500€
Basic Biomedical Sciences Program 3.500€


Cancellation fee

A cancellation fee will be applied to those students who cancel their stay at UPF once they have been pre-registered at UPF and given access to UPF facilities (student cards, login and passwords for computers, access to the library, etc. This fee will be waived if the cancellation is due to a case of force majeur such as a medical issue or any urgent matter that requires the student to return to his/her home country.

Pre-registration period goes from the student's acceptation at the UPF to the add/drop day. Once all students have been able to make changes to their registrations, which will take place on the add/drop day, their schedules are considered final. Thus, any student who cancels his/her stay after the add/drop day of the corresponding term will pay for the whole registration.

Concept Fee
Cancellation fee 150 €