The UPF International Programs provide a comprehensive curriculum that includes courses offered by the UPF and the UPF group of affiliated schools. Students are responsible for informing themselves of the academic regulations, requirements and policies set forth by the UPF and its affiliated centers, which can be checked below:

Students' rights and obligations

All international students enrolled in the programs shall be considered UPF students for all purposes. They shall, therefore, have the same rights and obligations as all other UPF students.
All international students shall be provided with a UPF student card to access the university's services and activities (intranet, library, academic resources, IT services, special discounts, etc.).


Academic policies

Attendance policy

Attendance at lectures is compulsory and shall be monitored daily by the teaching staff. 
Students are deemed responsible for managing their absences, and no distinction shall be made between justified and unjustified absences. Emergency situations (hospitalization, family crises, etc.) shall be studied on a case-by-case basis by the program's academic director, once appropriate, valid documentation has been provided to that end.

Please, see course syllabi for details of how absences affect final grades.

Academic honesty and student conduct

Students who enroll and participate in the program are required to attend and actively contribute to lectures, to study and to complete the corresponding workload (exams and assignments).
Students are expected to attend all sessions well prepared and in good condition to learn and participate, and to respect the general principles of academic honesty. Poor conduct (plagiarism, apathy, disrespectful behaviour towards lecturers or classmates, etc.) shall result in a warning letter being sent to the corresponding student's home institution or, in the case of UPF students, to their dean. Repeated poor conduct may result in expulsion from the program.

Specific policies for fieldwork activities

All students enrolled in the program shall participate in academic visits, tours and other course-related activities. These activities are closely connected to the academic program and have been designed with input from each lecturer in order to incorporate them into the course assessment process. Students must regard such activities as off-campus lectures and behave accordingly, including studying the necessary reading material and completing assignments as scheduled by lecturers. The same academic conduct policies apply to off-campus activities as to classroom sessions and activities on other UPF premises.