Who can participate?

Student profile: local and international

The Barcelona Program for Interdisciplinary Studies (BaPIS) has been designed to satisfy the expectations of students with a good academic standing, inquisitive mind and intellectual curiosity.

The program is open to all UPF undergraduate students and to undergraduate students from other universities interested in advancing in their studies and obtaining credits by taking innovative courses at UPF.

Admission requirements:

  • Having successfully completed half of the credits of each student's undergraduate degree (normally 3rd and 4th year undergraduate students).
  • Good academic standing
  • A good command of the language of instruction of the courses chosen.

Fees Fees

Fees for UPF students:

Current UPF undergraduate students can register at BaPIS courses as part of the academic offering of Credits de Formació Transversal de Lliure Elecció.

The BaPIS courses will be incorporated into the official academic transcript of UPF students. The fees per credit for BaPIS courses are the same official fees per credit as for the other courses of the student's Bachelor's degree.There is a fee of 27,27€ as a payment of enrolment modification for all UPF students.

Fees for non-UPF students:

The BaPIS fees for visiting students are:

  • Registration fee: 169,80 €
  • Tuition fee: 110 €/credit (ECTS)