Program design

Since 2003, the UPF has extensive experience developing customized programs for prestigious international institutions. 

As the host institution, UPF provides teaching staff, administrative support, course logistics management, and any other additional services agreed upon for each program. Moreover, flexibility with regard to dates, duration and curricula is guaranteed.

Our Services

We work with you to tailor your program to your needs and preferences and to ensure that it includes all the requested services. Students and faculty participating in customized programs are considered members of the UPF community and have access to all of UPF's resources.

Academic Coordination and Resources

Customized programs are a unique opportunity to cooperate with our academic partners in order to identify and promote common research and teaching interests among our respective faculties. To this end, we can provide your customized program with:

  • Joint program design and academic coordination
  • Lecturers and guest lecturers
  • Class-related field trips, company visits, etc.
  • Tutoring
  • Internship placements
  • Access to the UPF library and IT services (audiovisuals, rooms for group work, computer labs, laptop loan service, WIFI internet access).

Making the Most of Studying Abroad

Whether your program is short or long, students need to be prepared for the experience, having set clear academic goals for themselves and thought about what their learning experience in Barcelona will mean. The UPF Education Abroad Program helps students adjust to our university and city to allow them to grow as people and enjoy a life-changing experience. To this end, we can provide your customized program with:

  • Pre-departure orientation
  • Welcome and social activity programs
  • Welcome session and welcome packs
  • Orientation services to acquaint participants with the UPF campus and resources
  • Cultural visit, guided tour and daytrip programs
  • Re-entry workshops

In the Heart of Barcelona: A Central Urban Campus

Barcelona is a unique destination in today's globalized world and an outstanding place to learn, offering students a chance to study and experience the city's culture, cosmopolitanism, architecture, and history.

The University is located in beautifully renovated historic buildings in various neighborhoods, including downtown Barcelona, quite close to Ciutadella Park, the Ramblas, the Olympic Village, and the port. All classrooms are equipped with the latest technology. We can provide your customized program with:

  • State-of-the-art classroom space
  • Seminar and lab facilities
  • Office space for visiting faculty

University Community Services

Much of university life consists of classes and studying, but extracurricular activities and support services are also important. UPF rounds out its educational offer with services and proposals to facilitate the integration of program participants with the UPF community. To this end, we can provide your customized program with:

  • Sports leagues (calendar permitting) and clubs
  • Cultural activities (calendar permitting)
  • Volunteering
  • Participation in local student networks (calendar permitting)
  • Counseling and special learning needs support


UPF is a centrally located urban university and does not have in campus residences or dormitories. However, our office will provide you assistance in booking options with the residences that UPF has agreements with (where your students would benefit of the prices for being UPF students)

The price per room will depend on the final list of students and can be included in the final budget. Please, visit the housing webpage in order to get more information.


Some of the institutions which we have a partnership are: Georgetown University,
Institute Superieur des Mèdias de Toulouse (ISCPA), ITAM, Northwestern University, Pusan National University, QC Queens College (CUNY), The University of Chicago, Texas A&M, UCLA, UMBC or The University of Texas at Austin, among others.


If you are interested in working on a customized or faculty-led program with UPF, please contact the UPF International Programs at [email protected]