Compulsory activities

Compulsory Activity




Where to submit

Research Plan


Before the end of May (every year, included your thesis submission year)

Research Plan

PhD project progress report about the PhD student's work throughout the year including a work plan for the following year.

 Activities Document*

Scientific publications

(2nd year)

On line attendace throught Aula Global 

from December 1st to January 24

No document proof needed, the teacher in charge will provide the assessment results.

(registration code for this activity: 68 - Scientific Publications )

Course Content:

  • Scientific signature
  • Choosing the journal or publisher for your work
  • Research Identifiers
  • Doctoral theses: how to publish at UPF

Activities Document*

Optional activities





Where to submit


Academic writing programme offered jointly by CLIK and PRBB intervals.

Anytime while you are enrolled at the PhD programme

Attendance certificate of the course/activity

Inform of your attendance in the Activities Document after these sessions and upload the attendance certificate of the course.

(registration code for this activity: 28)

Mobility (research stay)

Anytime while you are enrolled at the PhD programme.

Certificate of attendance from the host institution informing

the dates, the activities carried out and the level of achievement.

Inform of your mobility stay in the Activities Document and upload both documents.


(registration code for this activity: 29)