Compulsory activities

Compulsory Activity




Where to submit

Annual Progress Report - Research Plan



Before the end of May (every year, included your thesis submission year)

- Annual Progress Report - Research Plan

- Thesis advisory committee report (TAC) -> Just for new students from 2023/2024 academic year onwards

Both documents must be filled and the TAC signed by all Committee Members


Upload it to:

Scientific publications

(2nd year)

Online attendance through Aula Global 

from December 1st to January 24

No document proof needed, the teacher in charge will provide the assessment results.


Course Content:

  • Scientific signature
  • Choosing the journal or publisher for your work
  • Research Identifiers
  • Doctoral theses: how to publish at UPF

Upload it to:

  • your AULA GLOBAL

Optional activities





Where to submit


Academic writing programme offered jointly by CLIK and PRBB intervals.

Anytime while you are enrolled at the PhD programme

Attendance certificate of the course/activity

Inform of your attendance in the Activities Document after these sessions and upload the attendance certificate of the course.

(registration code for this activity: 28)

Mobility (research stay)

Anytime while you are enrolled at the PhD programme.

Certificate of attendance from the host institution informing

the dates, the activities carried out and the level of achievement.

Inform of your mobility stay in the Activities Document and upload both documents.


(registration code for this activity: 29)

Teacher Training Programme for students with FPU scholarship


During your 1st year FILL THIS ONLINE FORM to contract us,  after your grant resolution



PhD students holding a FPU scholarship (Formación de Profesorado Universitario-University Teacher Training) have to participate in teaching tasks as part of their PhD training. In addition to lecturing, teaching requires other tasks that may be unfamiliar to pure researchers. The Teacher Training Programme (TTP) for PhD Students was created to meet this requirement.

  • The first part of the training are a set of resources about teaching that you will find online.
    • Its aim is to provide basic training in university teaching to UPF teachers who have just joined so that they have the basic tools to teach.  Your teaching practices tutor will also help you to reinforce theoretical concepts about theaching.
  • The second part will be based on your teachinhg practice requirements
    • ​Your PhD theis supervisor will be responsible to assign you the teaching practice hours from his/her own subjects in care.