The Academic Committee of the doctoral programme will assess the student's progress towards completing the doctoral thesis every year. This assessment is based on the annual academic activities, research plan and report by the thesis supervisor.

In the event of a negative assessment, the academic regulations give the student the opportunity to be reassessed within six months. A second negative assessment will force the definitive withdrawal of the student from the PhD Programme in Biomedicine.

Schematic overview:


  1. Required activities in the 1st year (PDF document)
  2. Required activities in the 2nd and 3rd years

Apart from required activities, other activities can be proposed, by the student or by the supervisor, depending on the project. To be considered for assessment they will have to be submitted before the same deadline as the rest of activities in the student's electronic file in the Activities Document.

Although it is not compulsory, throughout the doctorate, students are encouraged to contribute to the scientific community. If you are thinking about Publishing in Scientific Journals, please bear these recommendations in mind [Also visit (only in Catalan): Discounts for publishing in open access at BioMed Central, Chemistry Central and SpringerOpen]


Doctoral Thesis Follow-up