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Postgraduate Programs

Most MTG researchers are involved as students or teachers in:

Undergraduate Programs

There are several undergraduate programs where MTG researchers teach and thus the students have the chance to get involved with MTG projects and activities:

MOOC Courses

Researchers of the MTG are behind the following online courses:

Online Educational Materials

As part of courses and tutorials given by MTG researchers here are some useful educational materials:

Work with us

The Music Technology Group is involved in different research, education and cultural initiatives by itself or in collaboration with other institutions. There are many ways in which interested people can collaborate or work with the MTG.

You can keep updated about MTG activities, news, and job opportunities by following our twitter @mtg_upf or subscribing to our MTG-friends mailing list.

From time to time the MTG looks for candidates to fill research and/or development positions at different levels of salary and expertise. Interested people should contact us.


Open Positions

Technology transfer fellowships - Deadline for applications 15/9/2019