Professor of English Studies holding a Chair in Applied Linguistics and Multilingualism at the Department of Humanities of the UPF, where, since 1993, she has taught English, sociolinguistics, interculturality and discourse analysis (undergraduate Degrees of Humanities and Global Studies) and in the field of applied and sociolinguistics (Master of Arts in ESL Teacher Training for Secondary and Language Schools).

Principal researcher of GREILI-UPF (Research Group on Intercultural Spaces, Languages and Identities) and researcher of the consolidated research group ALLENCAM (Acquisition of Languages from the Multilingual Catalonia). Currently, her lines of research include qualitative studies and mixed methods on:

  • Ideologies and language practices in multilingual and multicultural contexts
  • Language teaching, acquisition and learning ​​in multilingual and international contexts
  • Transcultural competence in internationalized educational contexts and stays abroad.

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Departament d'humanitats

Jaume I Building (Ciutadella Campus)
Ramon Trias Fargas, 25-27
08005 Barcelona

 +34 93 542 2656

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