Vés enrere 15-06-2023 Seminari a càrrec de Pius ten Hacken

15-06-2023 Seminari a càrrec de Pius ten Hacken

The place of motivation in word formation




Us convidem al proper seminari del grup InfoLex, que tindrà lloc el 15 de juny en línia.


Títol del seminari: The place of motivation in word formation


Ponent: Pius ten Hacken is a Professor and Chair in the Department of Translation Studies at Universität Innsbruck. 

Data i hora: 15 de juny, a les 16.00 h.

Resum: Word formation is a mechanism for the creation of new associations between a name and a concept. In generative linguistics, it is often conceived of as a rule component that resembles syntax in many respects. The rule component produces possible words. In order to get a specific meaning, a word has to be lexicalized. Blocking accounts for the non-availability of certain possible words. In such a conception, motivation does not play a central role. I will argue, however, that possible wordlexicalization and blocking are problematic concepts and do not lead to a proper account of word formation. On the basis of a number of examples, I will demonstrate that starting from the need to come up with a name for a concept as a motivation for the formation process leads to a much more plausible model of word formation.

Enllaç: https://upf-edu.zoom.us/j/94944189983 


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