We welcome our new Visiting Researcher Stefania Panebianco from University of Catania, Italy

We welcome our new Visiting Researcher Stefania Panebianco from University of Catania, Italy




Stefania Panebianco is Associate Professor of Political Science, University of Catania, and Holder of the Jean Monnet Chair EUMedEA. She teaches Mediterranean Politics, Politics and Mediterranean Institutions and Institutions of Global Trade at the University of Catania; Migration Politics in the Mediterranean at LUISS-Rome.

She was Visiting researcher at IBEI, Barcelona, in 2019. Stefania is the co-editor of Global Affairs and has published in IF journals such as Third World Quarterly, International Politics, Geopolitics, Contemporary Italian Politics, Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, Italian Political Science Journal. She has authored monographic books (Giuffré, EGEA, CASS) and edited books (Palgrave, Rubbettino, Frank Cass) and co-edited the Special Issue for International Politics ‘Shifting Borders of European (In)Securities: Human Security, Border (In)Security and Mobility in Security’ (2022).

Her main research interests are migration politics in the Mediterranean, EU foreign policies, EU-MENA relations, EU and democracy promotion in the MENA area. In addition, she participates in the PROTECT H2020 research project, in the MORDOR Erasmus+ Cooperation Partnership on higher education and the EUNICE Education Alliance, all funded by the European Commission. In the last 10 years she served for SISP, ECPR-SGIR, EISA, and is one of the EISA founding members. She has recently been elected as a member of the ECPR-SGEU Steering Committee.

Stefania is a visiting senior researcher at GRITIM-UPF in October-November 2022.





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