Back We welcome our new Visiting Researcher Mario León from the University of Seville

We welcome our new Visiting Researcher Mario León from the University of Seville



Mario León is a pre-doctoral student in his final year at the Department of Theory and History of Education and Social Pedagogy at the University of Seville under the direction of Jose Gonzalez Monteagudo, and has a grant for the training of university staff (FPU) from the Ministry of Education.  He has a degree in Social Education and a Master in Applied Psychology Research, both from the University of Castilla La Mancha.
His current PhD project work is focused on analysing intercultural educational processes, specifically the relationship in secondary education between teachers, families and cultural diversity in terms of policies and regulations, teaching actions, etc.
Mario has worked in several European projects as a collaborating agent: Green Youth Citizens; C.O.N.T.A.C.T. (Creating On line Network, monitoring Team and phone App to Counter hate crime Tactics); as researcher: Qualification for Minor Migrants Education and Learning Open access - Online Teacher-training. Recipient of a complementary mobility grant (EEBB) to be a visiting researcher at the Dipartimento di Scienze della Formazione of the Università Degli Studi Roma Tre for three months in course 2021-2022. He will take advantage of his stay at Gritim-UPF to understand the epistemic-political relationship of interculturality with the movement of the decolonial turn.
Mario's academic interests are:
- Educational ethnography in contexts of cultural diversity
- Epistemology of intercultural education
- Educational policies of attention to diversity in the context of Southern Europe
- Processes and systems of school reception of the immigrant population
- Perception and attitudes of cultural diversity by teachers
- Teachers' perceptions and attitudes towards cultural diversity
- Parents' perceptions of tools and activities for managing cultural diversity in school
Mario is Visiting researcher at GRITIM-UPF from September 13th until October 29th, 2022.



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