Welcome new Visiting Fellow at GRITIM-UPF, Sabbatical Professor from Sweden

Welcome new Visiting Fellow at GRITIM-UPF, Sabbatical Professor from Sweden

Gustav Lidén, Associate Professor in Political Science at Mid Sweden University, will be a visiting fellow at GRITIM-UPF. He has received a sabbatical support from the Swedish research council Riksbankens Jubileumsfond to finish a monography titled Local Migration Policy— Governance Structures and Policy Output in Swedish municipalities. The book is under contract with Palgrave MacMillan and will be published in early 2022.

The book examines local migration policy in Sweden in light of the European migrant crisis. The study covers both local governments’ policies on admission of immigrants and their efforts for enhancing social integration. The focus is on the division of responsibilities between political levels, examined through theories encompassing both governance structures and output and outcomes of policy. Drawing from statistical material, case studies and a rich body of interviews, this work provides a resource that aspires to investigate the significance of the local level of government in migration policy. 

For more information see the webpage of the book:    

In general, his research interests cover the local political arena. During the latest years he has particularly examined migration policy in local contexts. He has previously been published in journals as Policy Studies, Scandinavian Political Studies, and Journal of Refugee Studies and participated in both national and European projects within this area of research.

His stay at GRITIM-UPF will be October 2021 - April 2022.  See more information at his website 







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