Vés enrere Garcia-fontes, Walter

Garcia-Fontes , Walter

Walter Garcia-Fontes
Despatx: 20.220
PhD Stanford University
Titular d'Universitat


RESEARCH INTERESTS: Innovation and technological change, applied econometrics and economics of education



  • Estimating Human Capital Externalities: The Case of the Spanish Provinces, 1995-2010, (jointly with Manuel Hidalgo), Revista de Economía aplicada, N. 71, vol. XXIV, pp. 5-37, 2016.
  • Migration across Spanish provinces: 1978-1992 (jointly with Carlo Devillanova), Investigaciones Económicas, vol. XXVIII(3), pp. 461--488, 2004.
  • Risk dominance selects the leader: an experimental analysis (jointly with Antonio Cabrales and Massimo Motta), International Journal of Industrial Organization, 18, pp. 137--162, 2000.