Programa Mètodes Quantitatius Avançats (MQA)

What your fellow students say about MQA


The training track in Advanced Quantitative Methods (Mètodes Quantitatius Avançats, MQA) provides an overview of modern quantitative methods in Data Science, Operations Research, Economics, and Management. Creation of this track was motivated by the current job market and its massive demand for Economics graduates with a more analytic background. 

The design of this track reflects the changing nature of the field of Economics. It was consulted and is endorsed by several companies in Barcelona. The courses in this track provide training in skills most demanded by the modern quantitative job market such as: statistics, machine learning, elements of programming in R and Python, and optimization. Another important aspect of the program is the emphasis on theoretical foundations, which aims at preparing students to develop into independent thinkers. The program is then also a good preparation for graduate studies in Economics and Management.

All the courses are in English. Upon completion of the MQA track students will receive an official MQA track certificate. We will also provide some job and internships offers related with the program.


MQA track

In order to complete the Advanced Quantitative Methods track, you need to take 6 courses from the list below during the 3rd and 4th year of studies. Students who take the MQA track should have a good record in the quantitative courses of the first two years: Data Analysis, Mathematics I-III, Econometrics I, Probability and Statistics.

We strongly encourage students to split the 6 courses into the 3rd and 4th year.

For students who, after completed the 1st year, have a minimum average grade of 8.5, there is the possibility to start doing elective courses in the 2nd year, consult here.

Econometrics knowledge is a prerequisite for the MQA, so Business Sciences - Management students need to take Econometrics II as an elective in order to be able to access the MQA, since Econometrics is not compulsory in their study program.

About the courses

The six courses need to be taken from the following list.

All the courses are in English.



Registration into the MQA track

The registration into the MQA track needs to be done at the beginning of your 4th year of studies using this link, and marking the six courses. Once you pass the six courses, you will receive an official MQA track certificate.

  • Please note once the form is filled out, it is allowed to modify it within the academic year, in case the student needs to make changes in the enrollment.
  • If you have any doubt regarding teh registration into the MQA track, please contact Secretariat through CAU.



We will help students registered into the MQA track to find MQA internships that need to be done during the 2nd, 3rd or 4th term of the fourth year of studies. We are in touch with some of the biggest institutions in Barcelona like Banco Sabadell or CaixaBank. There is also a possibility of having a small research project with one of our faculty members.

These internships and RA positions will be announced to the registered students during the first term of the fourth year. The Internships contracts will be arranged by the Professional Career Service.


Mobility Programmes and MQA

Participating in a mobility programme can be compatible with doing the MQA. You can check the general information about Mobility here.

In particular, you can ask for recognition of an MQA course using the form you will find in this site.

There are two possibilities:

  1. If you think that the PAD is similar to the one in the list of the MQA courses, you should mark such course. If accepted, it will count as the corresponding 5 ECTS MQA course, regardless of the number of credits in destination.
  2. If you think that the PDA could be considered valid for the MQA program but it does not correspond to any of the courses in the program, you should mark the option 'Mobilitat MQA'. In any case, that course must have a minimum weight of 4 ECTS. Otherwise it will not be considered as a valid MQA course.

A committee formed by the person in charge of the program and the Coordinator of Exchanges will decide if this subject is accepted as valid for obtaining the MQA certificate and thus it will be published in the list of recognized subjects here. If the subject is accepted you will see the text "Crèdits Optatius MQA" in columns of each program.


MQA informative session

At  the end of each academic year an informative session for all the students in the 2nd year and 3rd year  interested in the  MQA track will be organized. In this session, we will solve all the questions about the MQA track and we will invite some of the companies that offer  MQA internships to introduce themselves.