Vés enrere Marimon, Ramon

Marimon, Ramon

Ramon Marimon
PhD Northwestern University
Catedràtic d'Universitat

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Macroeconomics, Monetary Theory, Contract Theory, Learning Theory, Labor Theory.


  • Marimon, R. & Gaballo, G. “Breaking the Spell with Credit-Easing: Self-Confirming Credit Crises in Competitive Search Economies”, Journal of Monetary economics, 2021,119, 1-20.
  • Marimon, R., Cooley, T. and Quadrini, V. “Commitment in Organisations and the Competition for Talent”, The Review of Economic Studies, 2020, 87(5), 2165-2204.
  • Marimon, R. and Marcet, A. “Recursive Contracts”, Econometrica, 2019, 87(5), 1589-1631.