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CORE Talk on Media Semiotics with Dr. Ruggero Eugeni, expert on Semiotics and Media Experience

CORE Talk on Media Semiotics with Dr. Ruggero Eugeni, expert on Semiotics and Media Experience



In this CORE Talk, expert on Semiotics and Media Experience Dr. Ruggero Eugeni is interviewed by UPF professor Dr. Albert Elduque about Media Semiotics. Dr. Ruggero Eugeni is full professor of Media Semiotics at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (Milano). Focusing on the development of a theory of the audiovisual spectator experience, he is interested in the relations between semiotics and neurocognitive sciences, and the subjective perception of time in the vision of moving images. His publications include La condizione postmediale (The Postmedia Condition, 2015), Teorie del cinema, Il dibattito contemporaneo (Film Theories. The Contemporary Debate, edited with Adriano d’Aloia, 2017), and Capitale algortmico. Cinque disposirtivi postmediali (più uno) (Algorithmic Capital. Five Postmedia Dispositives (Plus One), 2021).

Dr. Albert Elduque is lecturer of Film Studies at Pompeu Fabra University, as well as Academic Coordinator of the Bachelor in Audiovisual Communication of the same institution. He holds a Ph.D. in Communication from the UPF, and was later a Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Reading. His work focuses on the intersections between political cinema and musical documentary in Europe and Latin America. He has written papers and book chapters on filmmakers such as Pier Paolo Pasolini, Júlio Bressane, Joaquim Pedro de Andrade, Werner Herzog, Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Jorge Silva and Marta Rodríguez. He is a co-editor of the journal Comparative Cinema.

CORE, an initiative of the Communication Department of Pompeu Fabra University, is a cycle of sessions (CORE Sessions) and interviews (CORE Talks) that facilitate knowledge transfer and the encounter between the disciplines associated with communication and the social sciences to strengthen local, national and international research. 


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