Back 71th Conference of the ICHRPI - Andorra, 16-18 July 2019

71th Conference of the ICHRPI - Andorra, 16-18 July 2019





71st Conference ICHRPI

71è Congrés del CIHAE

71. Tagung IKGPS

Andorra la Vella, 16-18 July 2019

The 71st conference of the ICHRPI will be held from Tuesday, 16 July to Thursday, 18 July2019,

at the Congress Center of Andorra la Vella (Principality of Andorra).

In 2019 Andorra will celebrate the sixth centenary of the founding privilege of the Consell de la Terra, the old parliament of this small country in the midst of the Pyrenees. It is the perfect occasion to discuss in our congress the processes that followed the first participatory assemblies to become democratic parliaments. It will also allow us to focus our attention on the particular forms they adopt in small states/microstates. Parliaments are at the center of the political life of these small countries, very close to the citizens, and are they are the heirs of the ancestral forms of community representation.

Main conference theme:

Evolution of representative assemblies to democratic parliaments.

Other conference themes:

Parliaments of small states/microstates.

Forms of representation in representative and parliamentary assemblies.

The internal organization of representative assemblies: committees, commissions, secretariats.





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