1. 2018–2021. Prosody variations for improving the cognitive response and the communicative interaction between Alzheimer patients and their caregivers. Spanish Education Ministry [CSO2017-83432-R]. PI: Emma Rodero. Researchers: Olatz Larrea, Lluís Mas and Marta Lopera. 

2.   2018-2020. Audiobooks, what is the best strategy to deliver the story of the books. Fundación Becas Leonardo, BBVA. PI: Emma Rodero. 

3. 2018-2019. Virtual Reality to Speak in Public. PlaClik, UPF. PI: Emma Rodero. Researchers: Olatz Larrea. 

4. 2018-2019. Effective Oral Strategies in Public Speaking. Barcelona School of Management. PI: Emma Rodero. Researchers: Olatz Larrea and Lluís Mas

5.   2018-2020. Oral communication for future professionals. Recercaixa. PI: Pilar Prieto and Joan Carles Mora. Researchers: Emma Rodero.