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Principal Researcher

Dr. Emma Rodero 


Dra. Olatz Larrea 


PlaClik, UPF


The idea of ​​this project is to use new technologies and, in this case, virtual reality to learn oral communication skills. It has been shown that virtual reality is a very effective therapeutic tool when it comes to overcoming phobias and fear. We know that one of the most important problems when facing a presentation in front of the audience is stage fright. Who has not felt butterflies in the stomach before speaking in public? Therefore, the first objective of this project is to try to alleviate this fear, using a virtual reality program designed for the training of oral skills. It consists of software and virtual reality glasses. Practicing in this virtual way, the subject can learn to overcome stage fright. But, also, as a second objective, all oral communication skills are being trained. In short, this project applies virtual reality to the training of oral presentations with the aim of a) overcoming stage fright and b) improving oral communication skills training in real scenarios.