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Principal Researcher

Emma Rodero


Olatz Larrea
Lluís Mas


Barcelona School of Management


In general, there is an evident lack of training in oral communication, about how to speak in public. The question that arises is what the most important strategies are to get the audience’s attention and comprehension. The general objective of this study is to analyze the influence of the key variables of oral communication, especially non-verbal, on the credibility of the speaker and the effectiveness of the presentation. Specifically, this project has the following specific objectives: to determine the most effective and credible oral communication strategies in a public speech by measuring the degree of attention, motivation, recall and emotional level of the participants, and to identify the importance and weight of different oral communication strategies in a public presentation: use of gestures, use of voice, and physical appearance of the speaker. The method will combine self-perception scales and psychophysiological techniques.