Are you a (post)doctoral researcher thinking about your next career move?

Are you a (post)doctoral researcher thinking about your next career move?

The Marie Sklodowska-Curie (MSCA) Individual Fellowships may be just right for you!


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These fellowships fund researchers who look forward to enhancing their career development at the international level.

We invite you to join the BCN MedTech group! We are a research unit created within the Department of Information and Communication Technologies of the University Pompeu Fabra (UPF) to provide an interdisciplinary and translational platform for research in biomedical engineering. BCN MedTech activities strongly focus on linking technological and theoretical science with physiological and clinical knowledge in internationally oriented research.

BCN-MedTech is located in the UPF’s Communication Campus, in the [email protected] district of Barcelona. The [email protected] district, also known as the innovation district, is the largest urban, economic and social transformation project promoted by Barcelona in recent years. It currently stands for a unique pole of attraction and integration for business, scientific, technological and cultural activity. 

The different research areas of BCN MedTech are led by a strong core of researchers in active collaboration with industrial and clinical partners, and they include:

  • Biomedical signal processing: signal analysis to characterize biomedical processes, for example applications of nonlinear methods to EEG recordings from epilepsy patients.
  • Medical image analysis: image segmentation and registration, statistical shape analysis, pattern recognition and image-based personalized computational models.
  • Physiological modelling: data processing and computational models of anatomy, physiology, pathology and therapy, with emphasis on the clinical translation of the developed techniques and medical device optimization.
  • Computational cardiology: multidisciplinary systems medicine research addressing cardiovascular pathophysiology, such as heart failure, arrhythmias, congenital heart disease, stroke and thrombus formation, medical device optimization and therapy planning.
  • Biomechanics & mechanobiology:tissue multiphysics and computational biology models, multiscale models & simulations, virtual explorations of multifactorial tissue & organ function in health and disease.
  • Biomedical electronics: bioelectrical phenomena, electroporation, electrical bioimpedance for diagnostic purposes, wireless microstimulators for neuroprosthetics.
  • Computed-assisted surgery: surgical planning system, surgical navigation, medical imaging, segmentation and classification, 3D reconstruction, simulation.
  • Biomedical data handling: web-based platforms, data repository, algorithms execution and biomedical data statistical analysis, confidentiality issues of patient’s data, open source tools for research, client-tailored versions for commercial purposes.
  • Machine learning: advanced machine learning techniques for the analysis, integration and exploitation of multi-source biomedical data in the context of personalized medicine for computer-aided diagnosis, risk and prognosis estimation and treatment planning. 

European Individual Fellowships 

Who can apply?

  • Talented researchers from anywhere in the world: all nationalities can apply. 
  • Mobility is a must: you have to move to Europe or within Europe.
  • Experienced researchers only: you shall have your doctoral degree or at least four years of full-time research experience by the time of the call deadline.

How to apply? 

  • Please contact directly the PI of the research lines you would like to work in. See below for contact details.
  • Open CallH2020 MSCA call 
  • Deadline: 11th September 2019, 17.00h Brussels time.

If you are interested in forming part of our team, contact us to learn more about these fellowships!



E-mail:[email protected]





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