Back October 26th: Next seminar on in silico models for the development of medical devices

October 26th: Next seminar on in silico models for the development of medical devices

On Friday, October 26, BCN MedTech in collaboration with the UPF-QUAES Chair organizes a seminar on the use of in silico trials for the development of new medical devices and drugs.



The seminar will be given by Luca Emili, founder and CEO of the italian company In Silico Trials Technologies and will be entitled: "In silico trials: how to modeling and simulation and to changing regulation combined can accelerate the development and approval of new drugs and medical devices. "

This seminar aims to provide a strategic vision on the integration of computer models and simulations in clinical practice, in order to reduce the cost and time of development and subsequent approval of new medical devices and drugs.

The significant advantages in the use of in silico models, the regulatory changes and the experiences of other industries are creating and consolidating this new approach when developing new products. For this reason, European and US approaches to the use of in silico models will be discussed during the seminar with the support of the specific application in the industry. A particular focus will be on the technology transfer for models developed in Academia that Industry wants to use.


Short Biography of Luca Emili:

Luca Emili is founder and CEO of Insilicotrials Technologies, the first global platform that allows pharmaceutical and medical devices companies to accelerate research and development through models and simulations. He is member of the Cloud Security Consultative Group in EMA and responsible for the collaboration activity with FDA.

With a strong passion for technology, he is focused on the development of the company for the definition of partnership with Research centers, hospitals and pharma and medical devices companies and the development of new innovative technology and services.

Prior to founding Insilicotrials Technologies he worked in M&A and acted as an investor in some SME companies. From 2001 to 2010 was CEO of Emaze, an IT Security Company backed by Alice Venture, Venture Capital with funds from Mediobanca, Generali, Pirelli, Bracco, Dompè and other Italian firms.

As a journalist, he published more than 40 articles on IT security Journals.

Before Emaze, he was a professor of IT at the MIB School of Management of Trieste, as well as an entrepreneur in the internet services business. He has a degree in Economy and Business from the University of Trieste.



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